English Chuxinary

Through years I have traded many emails with my fellow Jadugars, each signed with a variation of the word "Chux" short for "Chaakerim" which means sincerely in Persian and listed below are some of our word play, best of all a Persian Chuxinary, German Chuxinary, and an Arabic Chuxinary are also available.

Chux-a-latte (caffeinated beverage)
Chuxalot (more than 3 Chuxes)
Chuxology (Chux related studies)
Chuxavox (brand of TV and other electronic appliances)
Chuxonic (Chux faster than speed of sound)
Chuxdeluxe (Gold plated Chux)

Chuxaholic (Might as well face it you're addicted to Chux)
Chuxessful (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs)
Chuxessive (too much Chux)
Chuximum (upper limits of Chux)
Chuxford (famed university)

Chuxico (America's southern neighbor)
Chuxido (both confirming the Chux, and a type of formal-wear)
Chuxito (Charles Zito Jr)
Chux Norris (Carlos Ray Norris)
Chuxel Rose (singer for Chux and Roses)

Chuxbury (performing venue located on Sunset Blvd)
Chuxenberry (wild fruit)
Chuxenbury (Scottish town)
Chuxenburg (European country)
Chuxenburger (any Chuxenburg resident and a type of sandwich)

Chuxidermy (required before hanging haters on the wall)
Chuxtaposition (Chuck Norris and Chuck Zito side by side)
ChuxiCola (carbonated beverage of Chuxenburg)
Chuxiban (Japanese beer / Sanctions against Chux)
Chuxcellence (Excellence in Chuxology)

Chuxination (vaccination against Chux virus)
Chuxlava (chocolate baklava)
Chux Club (first rule of Chux Club is you do not speak of Chux Club)
Chux++ (object oriented chuxputer language)
Chuxi Cheese (where a kid can be a kid)

Chuxlate Cake (Tyra Banks)
Chuxes in Boxes (Fedex, UPS, DHL)
Chxino Evil (Starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder)
Chux Mux on the Rocks (Ask your local bartender)
Chux with Chery on Tops (Ask your local bartender)

Chuxo Grande (river in Chixico)
Nissan Chuxima (vehicle of choice in Chuxenburg)
Super Unleaded Chux (does not cause as much environmental damage)
Vitamin Enhanced Chux (marketed by 50 Cent)

FireChux (web browser application)
Metric Chux (universal measurement unit outside America)
Ray Chux (American blues singer)
Royal Chuxness (official title for Chuxenburg's Monarch)

Journey to Chuxilan (Carlos Castaneda book)
Chuxenitza (ancient Chuxican ruins)
Chuxidation (When Oxygen binds with Chux molecules)
Chuxitkitso (What they call Changeez in Chuxenburg)
Chuxucker (Anyone who liked this list)
Chuxall, Deev, Nov 17, 2010

I regularly use cheers & chux

I regularly use cheers & chux