Fardaa - Fight Club


The buck stops here. This the fee-line
Fuck am I to care...about these felines
Dog do I need to remind
Watch me, we grind
Every second no free time
I'm rolexin...recline
You LazyBoys
I don't need to say it...we imply
You just flies,
On some other shit
He the mothership
Givin birth. For the fuck of it.
For what it's worth I don't really think it's possible. Y'all assholes can't stop the bull(shit)
So I stop to pull. In this cypher man.
I'm on edge I'm a cutchya I'm a knife ya man.
Slap bitches like I'm Ike-ing man.
Replace my heart w a vicoden
This business is taxing. FICA man.
I dont kno who I is like it's fight club man.


Everyone wants me

Tho I don't seem to care, man I got my doubts.

They just wanna hunt me. I'm locked in your cross hairs. I just wanna get out.

gouge out ya eyeballs
take a crap in the sockets
do you see what i saw?
man stop talkingggg

I know these days i'm on
tho they come and go
and change a hundred-fold
so if my wallets swolle(n)
cuz in it hundreds fold...
and they wanna be near me...
gas me up...tho im so weary...
when it's for...the bulge in my pants.
so back off...the bulge in my pants.
i just ball when i can (man)
all that i am is like magic....

nonsensical freestyle at the end