Imagine (Tasavvor)


imagine there were no borders on earth
think there were no differences amongst people's colors
thought levels were not shallow
visions weren't framed by financial and material

they wouldn't distance us with walls
material growth killed spirituality, a tragedy
imagine hands tying together
an end to the era of disgrace, battle and cruelty

true equal rights for women
offering flowers instead of rocks to others
imagine a world without tanks and guns
a world without any kind of war

a world where children don't die in mines
fathers don't have to burry their kids
mothers don't have to scream for their son
innocent wont get his head cut of his body
i want to imagine but can't
because humanity's tree is ill in its roots
when the greed for money, power, position and pride
has blinded eyes along the way

from start when we set foot on this earth
till the end of the path till we leave this place
the only common trait amongst us is greed
treating others unkindly is its result

the longer it goes on the more we want
with passing of every minute more needs
this truth is bitter for us
understanding it is strange to our brain

that you reap the seeds you sow
tomorrow the same ill tree will grow
that's been growing for hundreds of centuries
imagine even though there isn't enough time
from north west to south east
time's dawn and sunset of when
nations fight to gain resources
peoples relations are based on benefits

while money is considered fortune
blind men lead the way for people
ordering who should hold power
who should speak, remain or sent to grave

we all should stand up, can't sit with arms crossed
while an innocent body sits cold in grave
why get killed by anger, the unequal war
our understanding and cognition is greater

but the world is cruel and lawless
filled with crazy sick creatures so
come with open eyes, lets visualize
see the ugly and imagine the beauty